Goal Setting, Strategy, Sales and Positioning for 2020



Dear Friend,

Over the years, I have gained depth in certain areas from acquiring knowledge and by experience; Strategic Goal Setting, Sales and Intentional positioning are one of such areas.

I know some things about these super concepts and it's not possible to not have it affect productivity especially as we approach 2020.


I personally have applied the principles to my life and while I am grateful that I embraced this concept years back, I wish I had done so earlier.

These concepts positioned me for impact. It took me by the hand and led me to speak in all the 36 state capitals in Nigeria and in over 10 countries.

It has made me convene seminars and workshops worth hundreds of thousands of Naira, sold 10000 copies of my DVDs personally in 8 months and has seen me make a 7 figure income and lots more.

Did I tell you ?

It helped me sell 500 copies of my book at the pre-ordering stage?

Or that it helped me host a mega conference in Nairobi as a non-resident and it was sold out?

Or that I did same in Lagos, Nigeria and the venue was maxed out irrespective of the International marathon that took place that same day which caused major routes in Lagos to be closed?

And then it rained, yet people damned the maddening traffic and found their way to the conference venue.

Here is the point I want to make:

I am personally inviting you to attend my 5 hours intensive practical strategy session where I will teach you how to get faster results with less effort in 2020 by developing clarity and direction. 2020 is not just another year, it is the beginning of a new decade. I will help you develop a strategic advantage over the competition and position you as a market leader in your field.

Oh, and this...!

A client flew me from Lagos to Uyo, just to have a one on one coaching with me for a few hours.

Oh Yes!

With the Power of branding and sales, I host WhatsApp classes and my WhatsApp community spans over 20 groups, each group maxed out.

Why am I spilling all these? 

It’s to show you that I spent time branding myself so that I can brand others all to the end that people become exceptional in what they are about.


This workshop will help you become UNSTOPPABLE and UNSHAKABLE in your business and life, and will help you create the BLUEPRINT for 2020.

The investment fee is

₦ 25,000 ONLY

It comes with lunch and materials needed for your vision board creation for year 2020. Only 20 slots available and I value you so much that I don't want you to miss my last physical class in 2019.

You can do a transfer OF
₦25,000 TO:

Oyeniyi O. Seun
GTBank- 0032820303

This is a close-knit workshop, 20 slots available. Some slots have been taken, send your commitment fee to lock down your slot.

Enter 2020 in a different way.

Click on the button below after transferring your class fee.

Yours faithfully,

The Pathfinder

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